Account Verification Process

How to update my account details?

To change any of the registered personal details in your trading account (displayed on the “Funds Management” / “Personal Information” screen), please contact us to explain the reason for this change and provide us with the relevant information, e.g. name change due to marriage, or change of residential address. We will then review and action your request in accordance with our regulatory requirements and obligations. To contact us, click on the “Email Us” link.

How do I verify my payment method?

Funds deposited to your account must originate from a payment method that is in the same name as the Plus500 trading account holder. Accordingly, we are obliged to verify and ensure that you are the legitimate owner of funds deposited to your account. Therefore, if you deposited by:

  • Debit/credit card: you may be asked to upload a photo/scan of your card/credit card statement.
  • Bank transfer: you may be asked to upload a photo/scan of a bank statement or proof of payment.
  • PayPal/Skrill account: we are able to undertake online verification either immediately or within a few business days.* Note: some of the above mentioned payment methods may not be available in your particular country of residence.

How do I verify my phone number?

In order to verify your phone number, please go to the main trading screen on the Plus500 platform → ”Menu” → “Account” → “Verify Account” → Click the “Verify” button below “Verify your phone” → Enter your number without the country code → Click on “Send me an SMS” or “Call My phone”. You should receive a 3 digit code on your phone, please submit it via the phone validation window.

Verify Your Account Here

What is required to verify my account?

Customers are required to verify their accounts for identification and security purposes in accordance with our customer due diligence process, for example the verification of your name, date of birth, residential address, phone number, email address and payment method, etc. For more information please also read FAQ topic “Submitting Identification Documents”.

Why didn’t I receive my verification letter?

Depending on your country of residence, you may be able to request that a letter for address verification is sent to the Postal Address held on your trading account. In some countries, however, this service is not supported. To request this letter, log in to the Plus500 platform, click on ”Menu” → “Account” → “Validate address” → “Send me the letter”. If you don’t receive the letter within 3 weeks, you should verify the accuracy of the address held on your account, and if necessary contact our support team. Nonetheless, you will be required to provide us with a document (photo/scan of a utility bill/bank statement) in order to verify your address, in accordance with our regulatory obligations.

Why didn’t I receive the code to verify my phone number?

Make sure that you do not include your country cod

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